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If you’re getting a PIERCING OR TATTOO


  • DO bring your driver’s license, state or federally issued ID, passport or military ID (a Social Security card or a school ID is not acceptable).

  • DO consult your doctor for consent (if you have medical conditions) to receive a piercing or tattoo.

  • DO eat a solid meal - especially if you are receiving a large tattoo. 

  • DO drink plenty of water, get a good night's rest, and wear comfortable clothing.

  • DO shower and put on clean clothes prior to arrival.


  • DO NOT take any medication or blood thinners.

  • DO NOT drink any alcohol.

  • DO NOT have sunburned skin where you’re getting your tattoo.

  • DO NOT come in if you or someone close to you have had symptoms of illness


If you’re UNDER 18

Along with bringing your own valid state or federally issued photo ID (Driver's license, state ID Card, Passport, or any other valid ID card issued by government), YOUR LEGAL GUARDIAN must also bring a valid ID with the same last name and same address or other proof that minor resides with them. If your last names are different, a birth certificate must also be brought in as well. 

Tattoos will only be performed on patrons above the age of 16. An in person consultation is required with minor and legal guardian before procedure can be scheduled. Areas to be tattooed only include regions of the body that may be concealed by tee shirt and jeans, and shoes.

Parent must be present for full procedure.




If You've Received a TATTOO

  1. Remove Saniderm bandage after 3 days, or once the outer seal is broken.

  2. If bandage causes redness, irritation, or discomfort, remove immediately and wash the area. Fluid within the bandage is normal and expected. Do not attempt to drain.

  3. Rinse with very warm water and gently use fingertips to remove any buildup. It's best to do this in the shower.

  4. 1-2 times daily, continuing for a period of 2-4 weeks, wash the area gently with a mild antibacterial liquid soap. It is best to create a lather first and then rub it gently over your tattoo.

  5. After 2-3 days, or when a scab begins to form, you may apply a light, plain, unscented moisturizer to the skin immediately after washing (up to 2-3 times daily). Use sparingly, rub gently, and dab excess with a clean cloth or paper towel. Continue for 2-4 weeks.

  6. In the first 24-48 hours (if Saniderm comes off prematurely), pigment may transfer onto clothing. If your tattoo happens to stick to clothing or bed sheets, do not pull the material away from the healing tissue as this can negatively affect the healing process. Please soak the material in warm water before removing it from the skin and wash your tattoo immediately afterward. 



  • DO NOT pick or scratch at your healing tattoo or scrub away scabs.

  • DO NOT soak tattoo in water -- showers only.

  • DO NOT swim, tan, or soak in hot tub until tattoo is fully healed.

  • DO NOT bandage the tattoo at any point unless directed by your artist.

  • DO NOT touch your tattoo unless you have just washed your hands.


***If you have ANY concerns regarding your healing tattoo or experience any redness, swelling, fever, or excessive oozing, Please contact your artist or stop in immediately, or visit your physician.

If You've Received a PIERCING

We recommend reading the aftercare recommendations by the Association of Professional Piercers:

Aftercare for body and oral piercings.

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