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*We currently have open booking with Ciara and Erik with wait times of 1-2 months.

Due to overwhelming wait times for all artists, we are unable to accommodate all requests at this time. If you are interested in getting a tattoo done with us, please read the information below so you know how to get on the schedule in the future with our other artists. While this is not ideal, all of our artists are booking out until fall/winter and will need some time to catch up on current projects before we can take on anything new. If you are already on a wait list for an artist, your place in line will still be accommodated.

  • If you would like to book with a particular artist in the future, you can add your email to a list to be notified when they begin booking again. You can do so by clicking HERE. Also, please follow our Facebook and Instagram for updates on when artists will be booking, and any announcements for when we can take walk in appointments due to cancellations. 

  • All artists will make an announcement about a month before they begin booking again. If you have work in progress, priority will go to existing clients. This will make it easier for those with ongoing projects to be able to get appointments with less wait in the future. 

  • We have an apprentice in training, who will be able to begin taking walk in appointments in the next few months, so scheduling may open back up at that time for smaller pieces.

  • When you know that your preferred artist begins booking, we will have a selected period of time to fill out a request form to be contacted regarding scheduling.

As always, we are so grateful for the ongoing support of our clients. With the 2 month shut down due to Covid last year, and the additional interest in tattoos recently, things have gotten to the point where the 5 artists on staff are booked beyond their capacity to take on more work at this time. We always want to do our best to serve all interested clients as quickly as possible. We appreciate your understanding and patience, and look forward to serving you in the future.

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