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Piercing Aftercare Tuesday

Today, we're going to go over aftercare instructions and why it is so important to take great care of your new piercing. Let's just start off with the basics...


Rule number 2---Clean your piercing multiple times daily



We chose Neilmed as our standard disinfectant because it's Isotonic, drug free, preservative free and it's easy to use on the go rather than soaking your piercing in salt. All you need to do is spray the front and back of the piercing 3-4 times a day, either pat dry with a paper towel or let the spray soak in. For some piercings, applying Neilmed to a q-tip and then lightly dabbing the inside of a nostril piercing is perfectly acceptable.

Provon Antimicrobial soap wash is to be used 1-2 times a day depending on activity level and amount of sweat that surrounds the piercing. What you should do to effectively clean your piercing is to use this in the shower, work it up on a q-tip, making sure to get it really foamy, and then lightly do circles clockwise on the front and back and then rinse off within 30 seconds. What this does is removing any bacteria that accumulated on the piercing and it promotes healthy cell growth within the piercing. We also recommend Provon because it moisturizes the skin and keeps it from drying out, which makes it less itchy than using a harsh soap like antibacterial. So, stay away from antibacterial soaps.

Things to look out for....Granulomas

Granolomas are the bumps that form on the skin under your piercing jewelry that makes it irritating and sit sideways and even heal wrong. These are caused mainly from you touching your piercing. What happens is you are transfering bacteria from your hand to a wound, which your piercing is, and your skin is trying to fight it off by trapping it in a pocket and forcing it out through your piercing. If you do develop one of these, increase your cleaning regimen by 2 for about 4 days and absolutely keep your hands off. If you experience anything abnormal about your piercing either call us or stop by and have Butch or Amanda check it out.

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