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Good Afternoon Lebanon

Have you missed our blogs this past week?! We apologize. Here's the Monday news from Studio 85!!

Today, our piercer Butch, is out of the studio doing family stuff. He will return tomorrow from 12p-8p. His apprentice, Amanda, will be in today and Wednesday for jewelry changes. Then again Thursday and Saturday for cartilage or earlobe piercings.

Check out these beautiful new jewelry sets we have and what fun we had this weekend!!

Black Copper Obsidian jewelry by Alchemy Adornment.

Oregon Sunstone jewelry by Alchemy Adornment.

Copper Rutile Quartz jewelry by Alchemy Adornment.

Beautifully placed Sacred Symbols jewelry by Butch.

"Breezy" Tourmalated Quartz surrounded by Ocean Grey CZ.

This is what our fun filled weekend looked like...We want to thank each and every one of you for being our clients!!

Awesome watercolor Phoenix by Amanda.

Delicately vibrant flower by Amanda.

Intricately designed moth and beetle by Dale.

Wonderfully done linework by Jessie.

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