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What are you waiting for Monday

Why are you sitting there reading this?!! Get up here and get an apprentice piercing by Amanda for only $25 for cartilage or earlobe or both!!

Have you been thinking about a design but can't figure out how to make it work into your next piece?! Submit a Tattoo Appointment request today on our "Book Now" button on the website. We are currently booked out for this week but have some openings starting next Monday...Here's just some of the fun we had last week!!

Beautiful Butterfly chest piece by Dale.

Cute kittie forearm piece by Abby.

Wonderous tourmalated quartz set in rose gold cabs.

Extravagant purple turquoise set in yellow gold cabs.

Fun little Stitch by Amanda.

Playful silhouette with flowers by Amanda.

Very realistic looking puppy by Amanda.

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