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Portrait Wednesday

Have you always wanted to get your family member's, famous person's, TV/Movie character's portrait tattooed somewhere on your body...Well look at what we can offer you for design and accuracy when it comes to capturing facial expression by tattoo.

Pennywise by Dale

Alan Watts by Dale

Fear and Loathing portrait by Dale

John Lennon by Dale

Anna Karina by Abby

A grandfather's portrait by Dale

Isaac Brock portrait by Dale

Johnny Cash portrait by Dale

Groot by Amanda

Darth Vader by Jessie

A son's portrait by Dale

Fun character portrait by Amanda

Pikachu by Amanda

Sonic the Hedgehog by Amanda

Beautifully done portrait by Jessie

Princess Leia piece by Amanda

Leia piece by Amanda

Fairy Godmothers by Amanda

Neve Campbell Day of the dead portrait by Jessie

Realistic Chucky by Jessie

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