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Nature Hike Thursday

With all the beautiful sunshine we've been having, take a walk in nature and find yourself!! Here's some inspiration!!

Beautiful floral piece by Dale

Another wonderful floral in traditional style by Dale.

Poppin red rose by Dale.

Black and gray beauty by Dale.

Fun skull with floral by Jessie.

Masterfully intricate 3/4 sleeve by Jessie.

Fun leaf designs by Dale.

Whimsical floral by Dale.

Very awesometraditional rose by Dale.

Tree of life by Dale.

Cute poppy with lettering by Dale.

Flying leaves by Dale.

Wildflower rendition by Dale.

Beautifully worked floral by Dale.

Lively and colorful floral by Jessie.

Very vibrant floral with hummingbirds by Jessie.

Wonderful array of colorful flowers by Jessie.

Exciting ribcage floral by Abby!!

Tantalizing flowers by Abby.

Decorative placement for these florals by Abby.

Wonderful sunflower

Wonderful sunflower by Abby.

Rockin good floral design by Abby.

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