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10 Steps to Tattoo Appointments- Wednesday

Do you have an idea for a tattoo but don't know how to start the process? Well, you're in luck! Today's feature is about how you can set up an appointment and get the process started.

1.First thing you need is an idea of a design that appeals to you with several photo references for the artist.

2. Call us at 513-409-5726, stop in or submit a "Tattoo Appointment Request" through our "Book Now" button on the website,

3. Explain fully what is it that you want, where you want the tattoo, how large in inches, indicate full color or black and gray and any things you want the artist to add of their style.

4. If it is a small piece, less than 4 inches, we will generally call or email you with dates that are available for the tattoo based on time frame it would take for the artist to complete what you want.

5. If it is larger, 5 inches to full back pieces, we will set up a consultation with an artist that best suits your reference styles.

6. Before you arrive for the consultation, the artist will prepare by going over the designs and what you explained and then give you their opinion on how the piece you want will work for the spot you chose and then go over price, time and set up a date for the initial tattoo.

7. In order to secure your appointment for the date you chose, we require a $50 deposit per every 2 hours booked. All deposits are non-refundable. Please do no make a deposit unless you are sure you can attend, and that you have been asked to make this deposit by our staff. Once a deposit is made, a 48 hour notice of cancellation is required in order to carry the deposit over to the rescheduled date. The deposit will be deducted from your final session once your tattoo is complete, and is not an additional expense. You will lose your deposit if you do not provide proper notice for a cancellation appointment. This fee will cover the artist's time of the cancelled appointment and any preparation involved.

8. Then your artist will take time in customizing your idea into the work of art you want.

9. Upon your arrival the day of your tattoo appointment we ask that you have a decent size meal at least 2 hours before. Then your artist will go over the stencil they have made, make sure it meets your approval and then fill out paperwork.

10. Now that you have approved the stencil, the artist will make a carbon copy and place that on the area you want that piece and your session will start!

And have a beautiful piece of artwork on your body!!

After the session, your artist will go over everything you will need to know about how the dressing works and how to clean and care for your new TATTOO!!

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