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The More you Know Thursday.

This week we are spotlighting Emily Dumond our in house permanent make up artist.

Emily can do everything from Lip Liner to Microblading. If you are interested in booking an appointment with her you can do so my clicking the "Book Now" link at the top of the website.

Microblading and hair stroke eyebrows are a totally natural looking way to make your brows look more full. The process is fairly quick(around 2 hours for both) and pain level is very mild. Emily has many different pigments that you guys can go through and pick the perfect color to match you!


Eyeliner (Top OR Bottom): $250

Eyeliner (Top & Bottom): $350

Lash Illusion: 250

Lip Liner: $250

Full Lip Color: $350

Eyebrows: $350

Microblading: $350

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