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The more you Know Thursday.

For those who didn't know, we are now offering tooth gems!!

Swarovski Tooth Jewels are simple, subtle and shimmering! Swarovski® is considered to produce the finest precision-cut crystals in the world. Their crystals are polished to the highest standards of quality and sparkle like diamonds.

Our tooth jewelry is made by Genuine Swarovski Crystals that are small in diameter and applied to the tooth using safe dental materials. Our application requires no drilling and no holes. It is completely painless, will not harm the tooth, and can be easily removed. It is perfect for those who want a bit of glamour and fun! They are truly chic, yet elegant. We also offer gold and diamond jewels as well as different shapes,colors & size 2mm & up!

Simple Facts about Tooth Jewelry

It is non-invasive and painless.

Requires no extra maintenance.

Can be removed or replaced anytime has no effect on the tooth enamel once the jewel is removed or replaced.

Involves a procedure that only takes about 15 minutes and is 100% reversible.

It is stain resistant.

Does not obstruct regular brushing even if using an electric toothbrush nor restrict you from visiting your dentist or dental hygienist.

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