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The More You Party Thursday

So as our raffle cut off point comes near, we wanted to announce a couple important dates that are upcoming - and welcome you guys to our relocation party!

The raffle drawing, to determine winners, will be done on Saturday February 25th! It will be streamed lived on Facebook and then re-posted to our blog in case you missed it! The winners of the raffle will be invited to our new studio on Friday March 3rd. They will get their raffle won chair time (if their schedule is conducive) and get to preview the new spot before anyone else!

The FOLLOWING DAY will be an open gathering for anyone who wants to come and celebrate with us!

Saturday March 4th come hang out with us and check it out! We anticipate the gathering to begin at 6:00pm and end around 10:00pm. Our friends at Roll On In will be catering the event, so we will have delicious sushi burritos that will accommodate any diet style. We will have vegan, vegetarian, friendly sushi foods as well as those who enjoy other things! You are welcome to bring your own food should you choose to.

Lastly, it WILL be a BYOB event. You are welcome to bring adult beverages for you and yours to enjoy, just be responsible and don't drink yourself into a hole you can't pass out in. You are also welcome to bring fruit punch, root beer, or a pewter water pouch..whatever makes you feel good.

We are so very appreciative to all of you who have came to us for your tattoo needs over the years, and this new location wouldn't be a possibility or a necessity without you guys. That being said, come out and proverbially pat yourself on the back and look at what your support has done for us!

We hope to see lots of you tuning in for the live raffle drawing, and just as many come check out our new studio on March 4th!

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