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The More You Know Thursday (POLL EDITION)

So as most of you know, we opened up a poll one week ago to test the waters on a new interactive Q and A between you guys and the artists here at Studio 85! The poll was closed late last night, and the votes are in!

While we did receive a good number of votes, it was a slightly underwhelming turn out. Now, I know that opening a separate page to cast a vote may have been a bit of a task - but this next part, should you choose to accept, requires very little! We now have our Q and A order (which you will find below), and we received a few questions from you - our loyal client base. Next Thursday will be the first part of our Q and A, and between now and then we would like to have any questions you may have submitted to us to be used for the segment(s)!

Below is the order of highest vote percentage per artist, as well as the date in which their segment will be posted. Should you have ANY questions, professionally oriented or not, for any of the artists here then we would love to have you submit them to us!

You can put your questions on the comment section of this blog (anonymously or not, your choice) - or you can email them to us at:

Subject: Artist Q&A Question

In the body, specify which artist your question is for - or if it is for all artists - and feel free to submit as many questions as you like. If you email your question we will taken down by our shop manager and asked anonymously, so don't go getting self conscious on us!

Any unused questions will be kept and, depending on the interest you guys show in this, will be used on a potential second round of the Q&A.

1st (38.9% of votes) Jessie Villars. Our faithful leader will be the first up for the Q&A, and it will be posted on Thursday February 9th.

2nd (33.3% of votes) Ivy Lavelle. This Q&A will be posted on Thursday February 16th.

3rd (18.8% o votes) Lindsay Hall. This Q&A will be posted on Thursday February 23rd.

4th Dale Hupke. This Q&A will be posted on Thursday March 2nd.

5th Hunter Haley. This Q&A will be posted Thursday March 9th.

6th Amanda Lander. This Q&A will be posted on Thursday March 16th.

7th Butchy Paycheck. This Q&A will be posted on Thursday March 23rd.

So there is our order and dates - and we hope to get as many questions as possible from you guys. Again, this doesn't HAVE to be about tattooing. It can be! It can also be a question about anything that you would like any of these folks to be asked. Tastes or preferences, other interests, favorite things, what kind of sea creature would they be, whatever you want. There are NO bad questions, is what I'm getting at.

Thanks to everyone who votes, and we look forward to doing our first Q&A with Owner Jessie Villars next week!

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