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The More You Know Thursday


On Thursdays, in addition to randomly supplying you with informative articles, we will also be rolling out a new participatory event that we hope you guys will enjoy!

Besides common misconceptions about the INDUSTRY of tattooing, there are also a lot of misconceptions about the PEOPLE of tattooing. That being said, every Thursday we will be posting a Q & A with each of our artists. Once an artist has been the subject of the Q & A, they will be "crossed off the list" until all artists have been done!

The questions will be fairly unconventional, non traditional, questions focusing on a variety of subjects. The additional optional participation event for you guys; YOU can submit questions for any person here!

This post today is to let you guys know about this. The poll is now open, you can vote once PER DAY, and the poll will be CLOSED next Wednesday at 8:00pm. The person with the most votes will be first, the second most votes will be the following Thursday, and so on.

So please stop by our poll, cast your vote, and PLEASE Email us YOUR questions to:

Make your subject "Questions For Artists" so that we can see if and record your question. Please submit any number of questions you may want to submit, specifying if the question is for a SPECIFIC artist or ALL artists. Questions will be asked from the artist anonymously UNLESS INSTRUCTED OTHERWISE.

Depending on the outpouring, we intend to have the questions narrowed down through a thoughtful process, with the only disregarded questions being the ones that are not seen as being sincere.

Unused questions will be KEPT and, if this is something you guys seem in to, asked of the artist on a potential recurring segment of Q&A!

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