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Studio 85 Re-Location Raffle!

So as some or most of you may know, we will be relocating to a beautiful new location in March! With a little love we are hopeful that we will be able to cultivate a new home for all of us to better accommodate you all, and a more comfortable space for you guys to come and relax during your time with us.

When our brave leader, Jessie, was working her butt off to close the deal - she was also trying to find a way to make this not just an exciting time for all of us - but for all of our great clients as well. The conclusion of that search has led us to an excellent opportunity to be lifted up by the great people who have supported us over the years with their business, their friendship, and their trust, while also trying to give something back to contribute to a fun event for us all to celebrate together!

We are currently having a Studio 85 Raffle, with various prizes and multiple winners! The money from this raffle will help with the cost of furnishing, moving, and adding plumbing to the new studio. With your donation, you can win a free tattoo or piercing by one of our talented artists! While that is an excellent reward in and of itself, we will also be honoring the rewards ONE WEEK before we open! What that means is that the winners will be the first ones into our new shop, they will receive their tattoo (or opening session), and receive a gift on arrival! There may be more fun stuff in the works for the day, but maybe we will leave a little mystery to it for now.

Raffle ticket winners will be announced on Saturday 2/25/17 via Facebook Live video.

You can view the list of prizes (also seen above), as well as the terms and conditions/exclusions, on our website right HERE!

Thank you all so much, and we look forward to making this move as successful as our past several years have been!

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