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The More You Know Thursday


...You know you want a new tattoo soon, or maybe you want to finally pull the trigger on that first tattoo you have been contemplating for a while. You have an idea about WHAT you want but maybe, like a lot of people, you haven't really considered HOW you want it to look?

The style of a tattoo is equally as important as the subject itself, and is imperative to getting the tattoo you have desired or envisioned for however long. There are a lot of different styles of tattooing, with a lot of artists cultivating their own style with heavy influences from some or all of these different styles.

That being said; this week let's take a quick look over the most popular or common styles of tattooing! In a lot of cases, the same subject could be done in multiple different ways separated not only by artist or artist skill, but by style as well. So check them out so when you schedule your next tattoo with us, you can say "I want this tattoo in new school" and feel confident that you're going to get exactly the look you wanted!

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