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Saturday Showcase

This is the Saturday Showcase for the week of Monday October 31st!

This week we have an Elder Scrolls inspired piece done by Hunter, a beautiful lace and rose back shoulder piece by Jessie, the first piercing done by our apprentice Kory, and some really great stuff done by Ivy including a black and grey anatomical heart, a custom designed luna moth, a prayer done in the clients daughters hand writing with a water color background, and a cover up of eyeballs with a wonderful black and white/grey hand holding a galaxy knife!

We had some really good stuff going on this week, and a lot of enjoyment was had by all! THIS COULD BE YOU! Submit your 'schedule an appointment' ticket now and we can help give you a piece you will be pleased with, like all those who we had the pleasure of tattooing this past week!

Thanks for checking in, and we will see ya on Monday!

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