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Travel Tuesday

This post comes a bit late, but we are still recovering from everyone being out sick the past couple of weeks.

This past weekend, I traveled with my family to Massachusetts. The convention took place in Worcester (pronounced Wooster, since people on the east coast like to do things how they want to) and was a four day show to celebrate Labor Day weekend. The show seemed pretty decent for a first year event, and I hope to return next year. The show was pretty hectic, and I got to do a lot of tattoos on some really amazing clients, some new and some that I have worked with in the past. After the convention, I got to spend a couple of days visiting my brother, his wife, and their adorable 8 month old son in Wakefield, MA. I ate too much cannoli and italian food (if there is such a thing) and enjoyed a couple days of being lazy before making the 14 hour drive back home.

I am finally back, and ready to return to work tomorrow. For now, here are some photos from my trip!

My booth at the convention.
Here are some watercolor initials for her children

Minimalist watercolor shading to imply planets. Added to a watercolor piece I did at the Boston Tattoo Convention last spring

A cover up in progress. This is our 3rd session. Should just take one more to finish it up

Here is a fern that wraps from upper calf to thigh.

Small little bunny and stars

Queen Anne's Lace on an inner arm to add to existing work
The first tattoo of the convention

Dinner at an Irish pub the first night in Worcester - The food was awesome

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