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The More You Know...

Sorry this post comes a bit late. I have been on the road and getting things sorted for my stay in Worcester for the Massachusetts Tattoo Convention, and we have had a few people out sick this week. At any rate, Thursdays will feature links to articles, videos, or some sort of thing that we will share that we find interesting related to our industry.

Today, our link (in case you missed it) comes to us from They researched best tattoo artists by city and they ranked us as one of the top studios for artists in Cincinnati. You can read more about that here ------>

Next week will be more interesting, as I will have more time to prepare and things will not be nearly as hectic. I began looking for articles to post, but I am pretty beat and I still have a lot of drawing to do, but I wanted to at least get something up for the first one. Hope you all enjoy your day, thanks for reading!

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