All piercings at this time are call ahead or appointment only. You can still use a walk in format, but you will need to call us when you arrive and wait in your car until it is your turn. Please visit Butch's artist page to see samples of his work and some of the jewelry we carry. Fill out the form below to request an appointment. If you would like a same day appointment, calling is best. 


Thank you for choosing Studio 85 for your piercing!

To receive a piercing you will need a state issued identification which includes:

  • Drivers license

  • Military ID

  • Passport

  • Temporary Drivers Permit

  • State Issued ID Card 

Please make sure you have one with you when you come to your appointment date.

For minors we will need ID from the client receiving the piercing and the parent that is signing for service. 

For earlobe piercings ONLY we can accept a birth certificate from the client and ID from the parent. 

When you arrive for your appointment call to check in and remain in your car, we will send you a message as soon as we are ready for you.