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Get to Know Your Piercer

Today we sat down with Butch and talked about the past and family.

What made you want to be a professional body piercer?

When I was 16 I went to get a piercing and I fell in love with the whole process. I knew that day I was going to become a piercer. I also loved the freedom of self by being a piercer and I never wanted to work for a corporation that could care less if their employees are able to make a living of what they are willing to pay them. Working as a piercer I am able to work for people that actually care about their employees and that was one of the biggest draws for me.

Do you have a favorite piercing you love doing?

Conch piercings are probably the top. I love the piercing and the choices for jewelry in the conch is huge because it’s a larger area and you can put just about anything in it.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Spend time with my daughter. She is my best friend and the reason I’m here today. I dunno if you guys have seen her but I make a damn cute kid. On my free time when she’s with her mom I enjoy PC gaming(FOR THE HORDE) and buying things I probably don’t need.

How many pets do you have and names?

No pets. I’m too busy of a person and I feel like it would be mean to have an animal at home alone all day everyday.

Tell me a little about your immediate family…

My dad is retired and single(any ladies feelin frisky) and we have a very close relationship. I have a ton of siblings but really just me and my younger brother are really close. I don’t talk to much of my immediate family.

Are you from this area?

Originally from Middletown but I have lived all over the country. I currently live in Miamisburg and will probably stick around that area, its tight.

What’s your favorite local restaurant and what do you get?

Lately I’ve been real big on Greenhouse Café. If you haven’t checked it out do so they are great. A lot of vegan options and everything is locally sourced.. they also make super tight drinks.

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