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Showcase Saturday

Check out these recently completed tattoos by James,

Nicole came to shop and for her first tattoo ever and decided to do two large ones in the same week!! What a trooper!!

Here's some new pieces by Abby, both her and James are apprenticing with Jessie.

With her passion for animals and nature, she was able to flourish this week!!

Dale has been pumping out some beautiful black and gray artwork this week,

Very awesome realistic rose and traditional tiger!

Amanda Has been working on some really cool bright colorful pieces,

Dinosaurs, cats and flowers oh my!! If you love vibrant beautifully created artwork, Amanda is the one you want!

Jessie, the shop owner has been super busy as usual this week!

Nothing like starting the summer off with a cute hummingbird with a flower and some art deco realistic mermaids!!

Butch ordered some new super fancy jewelry this week!

From a glittery new piece to a wonderfully placed gold daith.

'Check out our blog everyday for news and any changes we have to our schedule.

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