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The More you know Thursday - Scheduling and Wait Times

Hello Friends! So recently, many of you have been inquiring about appointments for the near future with us here at the studio. A few of you have been surprised and some of you stressed (understandably) about the current wait times for some of our artists. We are doing our best to keep track of all email correspondence and organize every appointment in the quickest, most efficient way possible and with the artist in mind who is best suited for the style you are looking for. Here are some things you can help do to expedite the booking process and help ensure that you are able to book the time that you are requesting. Also we will go over current expected wait time for our artists.

-Please fill out an appointment request through our website, or schedule a consultation or stop in to speak with someone who is available to discuss what you would like. When filling out a request, please be as descriptive as possible and don't leave any box empty.

-Once the request is sent through, it may take a day or two for a response. If you are trying to get in the same week, it is best to stop in at the beginning of the week to schedule a time for later.

-When arriving for a consultation, or when requesting available dates, please be ready to put down your deposit at this time (if you are ready to schedule). If you wait until even the next day, those same dates will likely no longer be available.

-Please be prepared to plan in advance. While we do accept walk in's, most tattoos are scheduled and booked in advance. Due to the volume of tattoos we are currently doing, it can sometimes be difficult to accommodate someone the day of the request.

- Please remember, we cannot book an appointment without a deposit. Please confirm the desired date with one of our staff members and be ready to put down your deposit at that time. If you are unsure if we received your deposit, you may call us to confirm.

-Please be patient with us. We appreciate every one of you, and we are doing our best to accommodate everyone fairly. If we miss writing you back or you haven't heard something back within a day or two, feel free to call and check on the status of things. Due to the amount of online requests, occasionally one may be missed. Also, you may always stop in at your convenience as this is always the quickest and most efficient way to get you scheduled.

Current Artist Wait Times:

Amanda - 1-2 weeks, sometimes available for walk ins if they are small

Lindsay - 2-4 weeks, sometimes available for walk ins if they are small

Dale - 3-5 weeks depending on requested day

Ivy - 4-8 weeks depending on requested day

Jessie - Booking for August and after ( 1-4 small spots left for July) and September and later for Saturday appointments.

Thank you for taking into account all of this information. We always appreciate all that you do to keep this process running smoothly. If you have any questions about the booking process, you are always welcome to call us or fill out the general form on our contact page. We are so happy that we are staying busy with the support from everyone who chooses Studio 85!

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