May 18, 2017

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This week we have a pretty cool article to share with you all! A lot of times during discussion or design stages of tattoos, people are surprised at how certain design elements are done with aging of the tattoo in mind. Our brave leader Jessie suggested that this is something we delve into this week, and I couldn't agree more. This isn't just good information to consider when discussing or designing your next tattoo, but it is also just kind of interesting to know in general!

"Your new tattoo mig...

April 20, 2017

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While we have previously covered the ascent of tattoos through time periods, we haven't look at "origins". What is the oldest tattoo we know of? What was the purpose or meaning of them to those cultures? Why not check with The Smithsonian?!

I found this article legitimately interesting, and hope you guys do as well!

Tattoos: The Ancient and Mysterious History 

February 17, 2017

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 So as our raffle cut off point comes near, we wanted to announce a couple important dates that are upcoming - and welcome you guys to our relocation party!

The raffle drawing, to determine winners, will be done on Saturday February 25th! It will be streamed lived on Facebook and then re-posted to our blog in case you missed it! The winners of the raffle will be invited to our new studio on Friday March 3rd. They will get their raffle won chair time (if their schedule is conducive) and get to pre...

February 2, 2017

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So as most of you know, we opened up a poll one week ago to test the waters on a new interactive Q and A between you guys and the artists here at Studio 85! The poll was closed late last night, and the votes are in!

While we did receive a good number of votes, it was a slightly underwhelming turn out. Now, I know that opening a separate page to cast a vote may have been a bit of a task - but this next part, should you choose to accept, requires very little! We now have our Q and A order (which yo...

January 20, 2017

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 This week the best information that I can provide you guys with, the most important thing that you need to know on this Thursday January 19th, is that we are having a raffle. We love to try and provide the absolute best tattoos possible, fitting the client need to the absolute best of our ability. You guys love to be tattooed, or at least love the finished product. We would love nothing more than to help you help us, by raffling off various free tattoo sessions,  using the funds of which to hel...

January 13, 2017

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This week we are going to run through a quick game of "Myth or Truth". You would be surprised the with the amount of people who believe some of these myths to be true, which in some cases makes people who would otherwise want a tattoo never pull the trigger! So let's start cutting the heads off of these myths, paving the way for your first (or next) tattoo!

Myth or Truth: Tattoo guns contain only a single needle.

Myth: In reality, tattoo guns contain multiple needles which are usually grouped in o...

December 26, 2016

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So as some or most of you may know, we will be relocating to a beautiful new location in March! With a little love we are hopeful that we will be able to cultivate a new home for all of us to better accommodate you all, and a more comfortable space for you guys to come and relax during your time with us.

When our brave leader, Jessie, was working her butt off to close the deal - she was also trying to find a way to make this not just an exciting time for all of us - but for all of our great clien...

December 23, 2016

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...You know you want a new tattoo soon, or maybe you want to finally pull the trigger on that first tattoo you have been contemplating for a while. You have an idea about WHAT you want but maybe, like a lot of people, you haven't really considered HOW you want it to look?

The style of a tattoo is equally as important as the subject itself, and is imperative to getting the tattoo you have desired or envisioned for however long. There are a lot of different styles of tattooing, with a lot of...

December 1, 2016

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 Interesting read...this week we are looking at The Potential Consequences Of Algorithmic Tattoo.

November 18, 2016

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No really. We all know GENERALLY what is going on, but what's happening beneath the surface? Pun intended...

Find out HERE!

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